Our Story

Created over a boozy brunch, Journey into 30 is a monthly podcast hosted by Ashley and Brittany, two thirty year old women just trying to figure it all out.

Each episode Ashley and Brittany explore what it means to be thirty, tackle new goals and challenges, reflect on life and embrace the inevitable...we are definitely not in our twenties anymore.

Whether you are in your twenties, turning thirty or past the big 30, life should be celebrated.

Grow up, stay young and join us on this journey!



With a committed relationship and career it seems like a pretty cut and dry future.  But whose to say she is prepared for the life pressures that come with '30'.

Ashley's big girl goals are sometimes lofty but her real focus is learning to live in the moment and not worry about what's next.


Single, 30 year old woman living in New York City. She works as an accountant while taking baby steps to following her true passion, creative writing.

Brittany is currently working on her anxiety with dating, getting control of her ever-mounting debt and writing her next screenplay, novel, short story….journal entry.


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